Board of technical Education Peshawar announced Exam Schedule

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According the announcement by the Peshawar Technical Education Board the Exam Schedule has been announced and is as follows, Boys Vocational Technical School Certificate SSC Examination 2013(TSC) and Diploma in Information Technology Second term Examination 2013(DIT) and Education Program (EEEP).

The expected date for the exams of EEEP and TSC to start is 21 August 2013 and for this purpose the admission application can be taken by the students from the admission office with normal fee of 395 rupees applicable till July1 2013 and late fee of 220 applicable which should be paid till 5th July 2013 and the dates announced for paying double and triple fees is 9th and 15th July 2013 respectively as per the Board’s announcements.

The expected date of DIT exams is from August 20, 2013 and the for this reason the students can get the admission application from the Admission Office and submit with a normal fee of 1050 within the due date, late fee of 220 is applicable which can be paid till July 12, 2013 and following are the dates for paying double and triple fee ( July 17 and 31st July 2013).

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