KMU Peshawar MBBS 1st Professional part 1 Result 2013

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In MBBS 1st prof. part 1 annual exam 2013 results, declared by KMU Peshawar, passing percentage remains 67% as among 1653 students total, 1105 have passed. According to university examination department, first three positions were achieved by Mazdha Subhan (530) of KMC Peshawar, Zainab javed (518) of AMC Abbottabad and Foqehar Bibi (513) of KMC Peshawar, respectively. Percentage of different colleges remain; AMC Abbottabad 77%, WMC Abbottabad 69%, Abbottabad Int. Medical College Abbottabad 13%, KMC Peshawar 88%, KGMC Peshawar 87%, Rahman Medical College Peshawar 80%, JMC Peshawar 40%, Pak Int. Medical College Peshawar 48%, Bacha Khan medical College Mardan 74%, Bannu Medical College Bannu 83%, KMUIMS Kohat 84%, Gomal Medical College DIK 63% and Saidu Sharif Medical College Swat 74%.

KMU MBBS 1st Professional Part 1 Result 2013

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