University of Sargodha M.Com/MBA/M.Ed Admission 2013 Schedule

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University of Sargodha has announced the admission schedule of M.Com part 1/ 2, M.Ed, MBA part 1, 2 and 3 first annual exams 2013 for regular and late college students of affiliated institutions. Last date for form submission with single fees is Sep 27, 2013 and last date with double fees is Oct 4, 2013. For M.Com part 1 (Regular/late college) single fees is Rs 3000- and double fees is Rs 6000, For M.Com part 2 (regular/late college) single fees is Rs 3200 and double fees is Rs 6400, for MBA part 1 (r/l), single fees is 3500 and double is 7000, for MBA part 2 single fees is 3700 and double fees is 7400, For M.Ed (regular/l c) single fees is Rs 4000 and double is 8000. Bank draft, Banker check, Postal order etc will not be acceptable. Admission form could also be downloaded from University website.

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